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    Our Story

    Eastwick Solutions brings over twenty-five years of experience in the art and science of community revitalization, visitor experience development, and leveraging outdoor recreation for economic development to towns and cities of all sizes. 













    Eastwick provides a varied palette of services. We help develop revitalization strategies and spur economic development for towns and regions by leveraging nature-based assets like rivers, trails, and agriculture. Through close client collaboration, we will develop a program and process to meet stakeholder’s goals and objectives, supporting success every step of the way.











    Our Approach


    Resources and authenticity lead the conversation - then we collaborate with clients and stakeholders to find the best path. Eastwick develops actionable, cohesive, thoughtful strategies, tactics, and programs that are achievable. The following principles guide our work: 

    • Every borough, town, and community has a story to tell that sets them apart from its neighbors

    • Nature-based assets like rivers, trails, and parks can drive economic development

    • History, people, culture, and physical assets play a part in developing a sense of quality and place

    • Tourism and visitors play a key role in supporting and growing the local economy

    • There is no single entity that drives economic development - it is a collaborative initiative

    • A plan is critical to revitalization to increase property value and provide a framework for local governments, businesses, and non profits to work with 

    Meet The Team

    Kimberly Stever

    Director of Solutions

    Kimberly Stever

    Director of Solutions

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    Kim Stever is founder and Director of Solutions where she develops strategies and programs to help people connect to their place. She looks at things a little differently than most and as a result, comes up with creative and innovative ideas to engage visitors, donors and stakeholders. Kim is a “fixer” by nature; she dives deeply into what makes places and organizations unique and special… how it can be leveraged to build affinity and drive the local economy. Her areas of expertise include economic development, programming, tourism, partnership marketing and experiential marketing where she is able to use a destination’s assets to communicate its authentic brand essence.

    Steven Nelson, AICP

    Director of Planning & Government Relations

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    Steven L. Nelson is the process "guru" that can find the most appropriate strategy for the issue at hand.  He brings value, insight and an analytical approach to our projects.  Steve is a certified planner and a policy maker; he understands the interplay between public policy, innovation and constituency building necessary to achieve strategic and measurable success. His areas of expertise include economic development, community revitalization, strategic partnerships, open space preservation and trail development where he is able to leverage assets and create “win-win” outcomes.

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