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Public Engagement

Whether you call it public engagement, civic engagement, public participation, or stakeholder outreach, involving the public is a crucial aspect to the success of plans and projects. Crafting the best strategy and process, using the most appropriate tools and methods, developing the appropriate communication approach, and knowing who should be engaged are critical factors to informing the public, informing policymakers and guiding decisions to the betterment. of the community. 


Successful public engagement should result in outcomes such as identification of the public’s values, ideas, and recommendations to solve problems or improve projects, Public engagement also helps inform residents, improved local government decision making and actions, community buy-in and support, civil discussions and decision making, faster project implementation with less need to revisit issues, and more trust between residents and elected officials.

Eastwick has the experience to work with a client in developing an engagement strategy and implementing that strategy successfully. We have provided public engagement services for public and nonprofit clients on a variety of topics including downtown revitalization, multi-use trails, underrepresented communities, outdoor recreation programming, resiliency planning, and environmental stewardship.

Whether the need is for online or offline engagement, formal or informal involvement, Eastwick is a seasoned partner to provide you with the right approach for your project