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Eastwick Solutions helps communities of all sizes revitalize and reimagine their future.

Trail Towns, River Towns, and Gateway Towns focus on using nature-based assets like trails, rivers, forests, and parks to help communities develop sustainable economic and community development plans. Using the Outdoor Towns process, developed by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council we work with community members and stakeholders to leverage nature-based assets to develop strategies and realistic plans to attract investment and visitors alike. Nature-based revitalization can be a starting point or complement existing efforts that are already underway.

Downtowns of all sizes are the heart and soul of a community, the central place with a culture and heritage that needs to be nurtured and celebrated. They are a reflection of the past and present but may need a new revitalization approach to attract investment, workers, and new residents.

Eastwick collaborates with residents, local government, economic development agencies, community leaders, and destination marketing organizations to ensure everyone is engaged and informed.

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Marketing Strategies & Services

Marketing is the lynchpin to success. It's what connects consumers with ideas, products, activities, and brands of all kinds. It is an organic and multi-tiered discipline requiring research and analysis.  Sometimes, our clients don't know where to start; we can help unravel the marketing mystery.

Nonprofits are often challenged due to limited staff and other resources. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team members, stakeholders, and targeted audiences to develop a strategy and execution plan. 

The Eastwick team understands the relationship between a brand and consumer experience is critical to building brand affinity, growth to add value and attract investment

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