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Downtown Revitalization

Downtowns matter: they are the heart and soul of a community, the central place with a history, culture, and heritage that needs to be nurtured and celebrated. While they represent the collective image of the surrounding area and are the result of decades of private and public investment, they may lack the attention they deserve. 


Downtown revitalization is a complicated, multi-faceted undertaking that resists boilerplate solutions. Each downtown has its own strengths and weaknesses, a unique set of resources and relationships, and organizations. Our intensive approach combines boots-on-the-ground assessments and analyses with best practices from across the country. Our recommended strategies result from active stakeholder and public engagement, with implementation starting at the beginning of the planning process. Throughout the process, we work with stakeholders and investors to develop actionable,  tactics to foster economic development in commercial districts and beyond.

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Marketing Strategies & Services

Marketing is the lynch pin to success. It's what connects consumers with ideas, products, activities and brands of all kinds. It is an organic and multi-tiered discipline requiring extensive research and analysis. Sometimes, our clients don't know where to start; we can help unravel the marketing mystery and determine where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. We work shoulder-to- shoulder with your team members, stakeholders and targeted audiences to develop a strategy and execution plan. 


The Eastwick team understands the relationship between a brand and consumer experience is critical to building brand affinity, growth and a companies bottom line. We understand the nuances of relationship marketing that support; adding value to brands through promotions and sponsorships requires thoughtful dialog to insure value and longevity for clients of all sizes and descriptions.

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