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Pottsville Revitalization


  • Collaborated with local governments, chambers of commerce, residents, non-profits, and business owners to establish buy-in

  • Created and facilitated robust community engagement

  • Developed a revitalization plan that included a vision, strategy, and recommended path to success.

  • Provided technical assistance for future funding opportunities



Pottsville was the epicenter of the lucrative Schuylkill County coal industry. The hallmarks of its wealth remain in its grand buildings, wide streets, and of course, the pillar of the community, Yuengling Brewery. With the coal industry gone, Pottsville is facing the daunting challenge of redefining itself, filling empty buildings, creating jobs, and attracting investment.


In partnership with Bergmann, Eastwick developed a strategic plan to address Pottsville Revitalization supported by strategies and a path to success. Additionally, we collaborated with the local government, key stakeholders, and the city’s major employer, D. G. Yuengling and Sons to establish a strong foundation for Pottsville’s future.

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