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Eastwick takes the time to understand your challenges and problems to create the most effective solution to facilitate growth, so they can be a catalyst for success.

Nature-based revitalization
Rivers, trails are powerful assets that can help transform communities and breathe new life into towns of all sizes. Successful initiatives include residents, local government, employers, business owner and non-profits. It is a collaborative process that changes the conversation around economic development. 
Tourism / Destination Development 
We have over 30 years in the tourism and destination development field, ranging from individuals to tour markets, theme parks to rivers, and art to agritourism. We understand how to maximize your history, nature-based assets & downtown. Our expertise includes marketing, programming and front line training.  We can help you  identify markets to attract visitors and grow you local economy.
Public Engagement
Successful public engagement is a craft; it takes time and requires thoughtful and collaborative efforts.  Whether it is passive, active or sustaining, we match the right engagement tools to the situation  and help address community issues, specific project concerns or to generate consensus and support for plans.
Assessments & Audits
Every community has assets but they may not recognize what they are or how to use them to it's best advantage. Eastwick can help you identify the possibilities, pick the "low-hanging fruit", make recommendations and even advise next steps in your product development. 
Marketing Strategies & Marketing Services
Understanding your goals and how you expect to achieve them is crucial to success. ES can help you determine realistic goals and develop the strategies to move your organization forward. We have a rich toolbox that includes branding, sponsorships and promotions, Our team will  work hand-in-hand, understanding your resources and capacity to determine what is needed to produce results.
Research & Analysis

Data are only numbers until it is turned into information. The appropriate data needs to found, analyzed and viewed in context in order to be transformed into useful information. We can find the relevant demographic, psychographic, and economic data to help understand and solve your problems.


Downtown Revitalization

Revitalizing downtown areas requires an understanding of government and planning as well as an eye for programming, operations, wayfinding, and capital improvements. We use our in-house expertise with over 30 years of experience to develop strategies to bring people and businesses back to your downtown.

Resiliency Planning

The ability of an town to bounce back after a disaster is key to its long term vitality. Planning ahead, before disaster strikes is essential and we can help work through the many aspects of resiliency.

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